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View Team Roster & Information

This page will help you learn how to view your child's team roster, find coach contact information, send email to team parents, and to see if there are any team bulletins.  You will only be able to access the roster information of your children's team.

Note:  For now, the only two options under the Team tab that will have information will be Roster and maybe Bulletin.  Even though there are menu options for Schedule, Calendar, Results, Multi-Schedule, those options will not be active until the Prince George's County Boys and Girls club uses the county system to publish the schedules and game results.

These instructions assume you have already created an account.  To see specific instructions about how to create an account and register for sports or pay the annual membership fee, please return to the Help home page.  


  • Click on the Team Tab/Menu 
  • Choose the team you want to view 
  • Choose Roster from the Team menu

Return to Help home page.

Detailed Instructions

1) Click on the Team Tab at the top of the screen.

2)  Choose which team you want to view.

To choose the team, you will need to first choose the season, then the league, and then the team from the drop down menus.  Click on the little down arrow to the right of each field.  When filled in, it will look like the following:

3) Once you choose your team, you will be able to go back to the Team Menu and choose the Bulletin option to see any team news.

4) To view roster, click on the Team Tab, and then choose Roster from the drop down.

5)  You will get a log in screen that will prompt you for your email and password. 

If you cannot remember your password, click on Edit my Account on the left Navigation bar, and click submit, and a password will be emailed to that email address (click here for instructions).

6) You will now be able to see the team roster. 

The top of the page will look like the following, except that coach and team players will be listed:

Parents get to choose whether their address and phone numbers appear on this form.  Only information that was marked with Roster or Public in their member record will show on this page.

If you notice any birth dates on the roster, please email the registrar so that they can tell the system not to show the birth date for that child.

7) You can now click on the 'Email the team' link to send an email.

** ONLY SEND APPROPRIATE TEAM EMAILS.  DO NOT USE THIS FEATURE TO SEND SPAM **.  We get copies of all emails that are sent, and do not want to turn off this feature.

Please fill in the fields appropriately.  You may use the editor to modify your message.

8) Once you click 'Submit', the system will ask you to enter a Key code to confirm you entered a valid email address.  Check your In box for this key code.

9)  After you enter the key and click 'Send', the email will be sent to each parent and player with an email address.