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Enter Your Contact Information

On this page, we describe how to enter your contact information in your record so that we have correct names, emails, addresses for your family, and the correct age and gender for your children.  You should create a seperate record for each guardian/parent so that each can receive messages and be assigned to volunteer positions.  Each child will also have their own record so that they can be registered for the appropriate sport by age group and placed in a team.

These instructions assume you are going through the registration for the first time, and that you just logged in for the first time.  However, you can go directly to the appropriate instruction if you are just looking for help editing your record.  


  • Enter your name and address and contact information (children will be added later)
  • Add a second guardian/parent to the family record before adding children
  • Then enter your child's information and complete the Annual Membership registration form if you entered this process by clicking on the Register button.
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Detailed Instructions

1) Enter Guardian Information

Fill in this form with your personal demographic information.  The fields with asteriks are required.   Don't forget to set the level of privacy of your data (see note below graphic).  More directions follow below.

* Setting the privacy level of your data. 

Make sure to decide who can see any particular data by setting the privacy drop down.  The three options are:

Public:  Any web user will be able to see this information if the roster is publish to a team page
Roster:  Only other parents of players on your team will be able to see it
Private:  No one can see it other than CBGC volunteer staff in the backend database

* Choose whether you want to receive text messages

CBGC can use the website to send out last minute notices.  If you choose to allow the system to send notifications to your cell phone, and we decide something is urgent enough to send a notice immediately and include text messages, you will get the notice on your cell phone.  If you choose this option, you will see a confirmation that looks like:  

* ID Field:  Leave blank - the system will create one for you.

*Birthdate:  If you see a birthdate field, please leave blank for your own record (only enter for children).

2) Before clicking Submit button, click Add a 2nd Guardian to create another record

After clicking submit, the system copies all of the first guardian's information so only the first name on the second record has to be entered.

3) Fill in information for 2nd Guardian and click Submit

4) Now fill in the information for you child.

For players, you MUST enter the birthdate and gender correctly.  If you enter it incorrectly, you will have to contact the system administrator to change it, and your child will not be able to enroll correctly until it is fixed, as the system will not let you change a child's birthdate. 

5)  Congratulations, you have created a record for your child.

6) You will now be directed to the Annual Membership form, so you can register your child for the year. 

You can now go to the next set of instructions,  Completing the Annual Membership Form