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Create an Account for Your Family

You will need to create an account in order to register and to take advantage of much of the functionality of the CBGC website, which in the future will include receiving game notifications and schedule changes, having access to team rosters and schedules, etc.  You will want to create a record for each guardian/parent and each child in your family.


  • You create an account by clicking on the 'Register' button found on the Annual Membership form on the Register Online page (detailed instructions below).  You will do this for each child, but you will only need to fill out the Annual Membership form ONCE for the whole year.
  • At the first login screen, enter only your email, and a password will be emailed to you
  • Type in the password at the 'Sign In' screen, and you will have created an account.
  • You will then be able to enter your contact information and later register your children.
  • Note: The CBGC website does not have a "Create Account" button or function that works independently from registration. 
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Detailed Instructions

1) Click on 'Register Online' on the left navigation bar to go to the registration page.

There may be several different programs into which you can register, each with its own box with the title of the sport\program, and a summary description.  You must register each child into the Annual Membership form BEFORE you try to register them for a sport (more on that later).  For now, the key to creating an account the first time is clicking on the right Register button.

2) To create your account, click on the Register button on the title bar of the Annual Membership Form, which will look something like the picture below.

If you click on any of the other Register buttons first, before you have created your account, you will start getting various errors.

You will first have to acknowledge that you are over 18 years of age in order to fill out the form.

3) Click on 'Continue' button.

You will then see the Sign In form that has instructions on how to enter your email and password.

4) Since you are a 'New User' creating an account, you will need to enter only your password as indicated in the instructions.  Enter only your password.

If you enter in your email and enter in a password, you will get an error that says your account cannot be found in the database, or if someone already entered that email address in a  record, it will tell you that your password is incorrect.

5) Enter only your password and click Submit.

A password will now be emailed to you.  You will get the following screen.

6) Go to your email In box and look for an email from .

If you do not see the email, it may be in your SPAM folder.  The system almost always sends the email very promptly, but if you don't see it immediately, please wait a couple minutes.

Write down the password exactly as it appears (it is case sensitive), or copy it to your clipboard (make sure you don't have any spaces after the password).

7) Go back to the CBGC website and type in your temporary password (or paste it in from your clipboard).  Make sure to type it in exactly as it appears in the email.

8) Congratulations, you have created an account on the CBGC website.

You can now enter your contact and demographic information so that CBGC will have it in its records.  Please update the information anytime it changes.  Your email address is very important, as that is the primary way we communicate with parents, and will be used to keep you updated on club news, team information, and important changes.

9) You will be directed to the Guardian screen to enter your contact information.

The next set of instructions will give you more details about how to fill the form.

Click here to go to instructions for Entering Your Contact Information.