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Registration Information and Instructions

Annual Membership Fees

1 child:  $110.00
2nd child:  $55.00
3rd child:  $35.00

You pay a single registration fee for the entire year, which entitles your child to play three sports: baseball/softball, soccer, & basketball.  See registration and payment instructions below.

Sports Year: The sports year extends from April 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015.  The membership fee entitles your child to play three seasons of sports: baseball/softball, soccer, and basketball.  You must complete the Annual Membership form for each child before registering them into specific sports.

There is a $30 fee per sport assessed by Prince George's County Boys and Girls Club that will be collected in addition to regular registration. 

Other Fees: Sometimes there is a $5 - $15 fee for team T-shirts or to rent uniforms.

Flat Fees: Our membership fees are not prorated based on the date you register, so if you register mid-year the amount is still the same.  Consequently, whether your child registers for one or three sports, the fee does not change.  Our goal is for every child that wants to play to be able to play.


For intramural sports, we will allow any child to play that meets the age requirements.  For county sports, you must reside within the boundaries of the CBGC's jurisdiction as established by Prince George's County Boys and Girls Club.  You can click here to go to PGCBGC's Club Boundaries page and to download a map.  The only exception is if your local

club does not offer a sport for your child's age group, and your local club boundary touches CBGC's boundary or no club in between offers the sport.  Please contact CBGC's registrar if you have questions and to discuss any special circumstances. 

Instructions for Online Registration

PLEASE read the online manual first before trying to register.  It will clarify a lot of your questions.  The registration process follows exact steps.  Its best to have two browser windows open so that you can follow step by step.  A few key points are listed below:

Privacy & Security

  • Password:  Please do not use the same password you use for your email account, or any password you use for banking or other sensitive websites.
  • Birth date & SSN: Adults should *not* enter their birth date or Social Security Number
  • Rosters:  The system allows us to publish rosters for each team.  Only parents on the team will have the password to see the rosters list and news from the coach.
  • Privacy:  As a parent, you can set your family's address, phone, and email address to be private (only CBGC administrators can see data), or to be available only to parents on the same team.  The three settings available are: Private, Roster, & Public.  CBGC does not plan to have public rosters.
  • Kids' Birth dates: The system rosters by default show the child's birth date.  We will be removing this from the roster, but please let us know if you see it.
  • Photos:  We will not publish photos where your child is identifiable without your permission.  We will only use first initials for last names.
  • Credit card security: No credit card information is kept on our servers.  The payment gateway securely runs the transaction and no one associated with CBGC has access to your number.
Click on Register Online when you are ready to register and\or pay online.

Completing Paper Registration

If you want to fill out a paper registration form manually and mail a check in, click here.  Remember, you only have to fill out the Annual Membership Form once per year, and for each sport you just need to sign up with the commissioner of the sport.